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10 Things to Love about Boise Idaho

Have you found yourself wondering about the pros and cons of Boise, Idaho? Surely, you’ve heard of it since it first found a place on the map. But do you really know the ins and outs about what makes Boise special? Now, we’re not suggesting that Boise is perfect, but we do conclude that Boise is one of the best places in the country to raise a family! Of course, cons of living in Boise, Idaho exist, but today is all about 10 things to love about Boise Idaho! So without further ado…

10 Things to Love about Boise Idaho

1️⃣ The People!

One thing in common that all newcomers or visitors say? They can’t believe how nice everyone is! Keep the kind ones coming because we like it this way. In years past, our mayor even started an initiative called “Boise Kind”. And well, it stuck!

People gathering around a local brewery bar

2️⃣ The Seasons!

Yes, we get all four! Sometimes they even overlap. Have you ever gone golfing, to the lake, and to the ski hill all in one day?! It’s been done. Our city has several public golf courses, the beautiful Lucky Peak Reservoir and others, and Bogus Basin is a favorite for skiers and snowboarders.

3️⃣ The History!

Boise and the surrounding areas are well established communities. Just walk downtown and enjoy all the beautiful, old but maintained buildings. 

An old church building downtown

St. John’s Cathedral, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

4️⃣ The Activities!

Survey says Boise is one of the most active places in the country, and it’s in large part due to all the available hobbies: biking, running, skiing, boating, mountain biking, etc.

5️⃣ The Family Vibe!

Boise is all about family time and keeping that a top priority. Some of the families are new to the area and some have been here for generations!

6️⃣ The Views!

We’re in a valley which means beautiful views of the foothills, the mountains, and in some areas the wide open fields. Areas in town known as The Bench, and the West Bench, overlook the city below. This means lots of trees surrounding our little downtown cityscape before your eyes catch a glimpse of the rolling hills. 

A view of the Boise Valley from The Bench area.

7️⃣ The Food!

Boise’s food scene has been up and coming for while- so many new, local, unique places to try, and we’re eating it up! 

8️⃣ The Wildlife!

We’re not just referring to our amazing zoo, or the squirrels constantly jumping around, but rather the fact that in several areas deer may even visit your backyard. Birds? Large or small, always singing or soaring! 

9️⃣ The Kid-Friendliness!

Buckets of fun events, places, organizations, and parks galore! Kids are celebrated here and the youth activity and sport opportunities are plenty. Not to mention, events! Every weekend of the year, you’ll find multiple family-friendly options in Boise. In fact, for a complete guide, check out the website Boise with Kids as they post relevant and up-to-date activities for families to explore.

A picture of the Wet and Wild Water Parade in Eagle, Idaho just outside of Boise.

🔟 The Variety of Neighborhoods!

In the north-end, picture old, renovated cottages and bungalows mixed with massive architectural beauties, the bench area looks over the city with restored, original Boise homes boasting character and charm. Whether you’re looking for a typical subdivision, a quiet area, a hopping downtown space, or wonderful acreage properties just outside of town, there is literally something for everyone! 

Which aspect of your city is most important to you?!

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